The Future of Humanism

Humanist groups from across the West Midlands region came together to put on four Zoom events every Tuesday evening during February 2021.

The organizing committee comprised Sarah Robbins (Chair), Bob Jelley, Mark Taylor, Jim Brooks and Simon Nightingale.

Here is the fourth and final installment. Sarah Robbins, Chair of Birmingham Humanists, takes us through a review of West Midlands Humanists Month and then introduces the main speaker, Andrew Copson, Chief Executive of Humanists UK.

Andrew’s talk on The Future of Humanism begins around 4.45 with a Q&A session beginning around 20 minutes in.

Recordings of all the sessions are posted on our website for people to view at their convenience. Here are links to the preceding three events:

February 2nd – Humanism – where are we now?
February 9th – Climate change
February 16th – Humanism in action