Lockdown Limericks

A little light relief in these very short days

From an anonymous contributor

December 2020

All I want for Christmas is… an injection.
Astra Zeneca my selection.
Covid, tis a curse, but would be worse,
If I had asked God for my protection.

There’s much in Covid to fear,
Though I’ll not shed a tear,
But lockdown’s a fright. I’m in need of a pint,
Good Boris, please put me in the right tier.

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Life in a Time of Lockdown

An article by Joyce Brand

November 2020

When I came to think about the topic ‘life in a time of lockdown’ I came close to simply bemoaning the closing down of our way of life, the threat of predicted financial disaster, the identification of the wretched fraud that has been perpetrated on frightened people and the abysmal performance of our politicians. To have gone down this route would have been to miss the opportunity to consider possible positive outcomes from this tragedy.

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