In memory of Joyce Brand

In November last year Joyce wrote an article for the Ludlow Humanists, Life in a Time of Lockdown. She was excited to do it and it stimulated her to new thoughts. Joyce’s physical health had been slowly declining for at least the last two years. But mentally it was another story…

Joyce was born in Brixton, in London, but with family connections to this area which she came to know well. She was an only child, she earned a place at Oxford University to study English, but turned it down for love. She married young, lived abroad and had three children in quick succession. As the children grew up, she began to train as a social worker and had a number of senior positions in local authorities and at the Maudsley hospital. She moved to this area in the 1990’s and had several child-related posts – for Hereford diocese, and chaired the local the Foster Care panel.

In Ludlow, Joyce’s energy drew her to be involved in so many activities and campaigns (she was one of the founding members of Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin Defend our NHS), and she supported so many individuals in the issues of life.

In 2002 she published her Common Place book – a collection of prose and poetry which she had been drawn to over the years. It is of course a direct reflection of how she was: feisty, wickedly humorous, determined and independent, wise and enthusiastic and a fighter for others, full of warmth and humanity.

Her article for Ludlow humanists shows her intelligence, still looking to the future, willing to change in order to bring a better world for all. She had those values and marks of character that made her a much loved, and now much missed, friend to many.

Joyce was 86 years old when she died on Thursday 18th February. She was in Hereford County Hospital, where she had been for several weeks and had contracted Covid-19.

Read Joyce’s article: Life in a Time of Lockdown

Sylvia Turner
23rd February 2021