Lockdown Limericks

A little light relief in these very short days

From an anonymous contributor

December 2020

All I want for Christmas is… an injection.
Astra Zeneca my selection.
Covid, tis a curse, but would be worse,
If I had asked God for my protection.

There’s much in Covid to fear,
Though I’ll not shed a tear,
But lockdown’s a fright. I’m in need of a pint,
Good Boris, please put me in the right tier.

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Life in a Time of Lockdown

An article by Joyce Brand

November 2020

When I came to think about the topic ‘life in a time of lockdown’ I came close to simply bemoaning the closing down of our way of life, the threat of predicted financial disaster, the identification of the wretched fraud that has been perpetrated on frightened people and the abysmal performance of our politicians. To have gone down this route would have been to miss the opportunity to consider possible positive outcomes from this tragedy.

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Introduction to Humanism Part 2

Here is the final installment of the short 2-part video series produced by Humanists UK. Speakers discuss the role of Humanism in public debate and the importance of secularism in creating a fairer society for all.

Includes interviews with Richard Dawkins, A C Grayling, Tim Minchin, Andrew Copson, Polly Toynbee, Rumi Hassan, Philip Pullman, and Zoe Margolis.

Reflections in old age

An article by Tony Akkermans

November 2020

Last month I turned 80. Other milestones have made an impact before but this one was different. When hitting the 60 or 70 count it is possible to pretend that you are still in late middle age but the 80 mark puts a stop to all that. Now the hard fact is staring you in the face; you are old. And with the sobriquet ‘old’, thoughts inevitably turn to the dark at the end of the tunnel. My son wrote an amusing poem for the occasion, highlighting aspects of my life but it also contained the line: “So eight decades down and still ticking but enduring ever more humour about bucket kicking”.

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Introduction to Humanism Part 1

Here is part 1 of a short 2-part video series produced by Humanists UK where a series of engaging speakers explore different aspects of Humanism. We’ll post part 2 in a week or so…

Includes interviews with Richard Dawkins, A C Grayling, Tim Minchin, Andrew Copson, Polly Toynbee, Rumi Hassan, Philip Pullman, and Zoe Margolis.

Growing up in a Vicarage

An article by David Flory

October 2020

I grew up in a loving, safe and privileged family. I have very fond memories of my childhood and I am very grateful to my parents and siblings for the environment that they, we, created at home.

I feel it important to stress this at the start and also to stress that I still have an excellent relationship with all members of my family and that I value those relationships and do all I can to keep them close and positive.

I should also state that I am a humanist – factually I am an atheist although that somehow feels a little more radical as a term and so I prefer Humanist.

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Last Rights: The Case for Assisted Dying

Joan and Tony Mason, founding members of the Ludlow and Marches Humanists group, have kindly donated a copy of the book Last Rights: The Case for Assisted Dying, which seeks to spark a grown-up conversation about dying in the UK. Learn more about the book in this profile from the Dignity in Dying website.

Written by Sarah Wootton and Lloyd Riley, this book has become part of the library for Ludlow and Marches Humanists. Sarah is Chief Executive of Dignity in Dying and daughter of our member Seonaid Wootton. Sarah was due to be our speaker in April but sadly Covid-19 intervened. Hopefully Sarah will be able to come to Ludlow at some future date.