Climate change

“The Psychology of Climate Deniers” and “Climate Change and Environmental Ethics”

Here’s the second virtual discussion organised by Humanist groups from across the West Midlands region for the month of February.

Dr Simon Nightingale, who has a background in neuroscience and psychology, and is also Chair of Shropshire Humanists, discusses the “Psychology of Climate Change Deniers”. Just prior to his talk, Dr Nightingale also provides a brief introduction on Humanist Climate Action, which is soon to be launched by Humanists UK.

Next, Professor Richard Norman, eminent philosopher and Vice-President of Humanists UK, will talk on the subject of “Climate Change and Environmental Ethics”.

Dr Nightingale’s presentation begins around the 1:45 mark. Professor Norman’s talk begins around 27:25 with a Q&A session beginning around 48:10.

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