Professor Alice Roberts at Theatre Severn in Shrewsbruy this coming April

TV scientist and Humanists UK President giving a talk about her new book, Ancestors

While this isn’t a Humanists event, we thought it would be of interest to our members, or indeed anyone visiting our website.

In addition to being an evolutionary biologist, osteoarchaeologist, author, and broadcaster, Professor Alice Roberts is also President of Humanists UK and the organisation’s most high-profile ambassador.

Professor Alice Roberts will be giving a talk about her new book Ancestors at Theatre Severn in Shrewsbruy on Monday, April 25th, 2022.

Here’s the write-up about the event from the Theatre Severn website:

What can a grave tell us about a person? Did the Neanderthals bury their dead? Why was a man from the Alps buried in Wiltshire, four thousand years ago? How is genetics revolutionising what we know about the deep past? And what does all this mean for us, today?

Professor Alice Roberts takes us on a tour of the most fascinating burials in Britain, with behind-the-scenes insights from digs and filming – and a chance to buy a signed copy of her new book, Ancestors.

“This is a terrific, timely and transporting book – taking us heart, body and mind beyond history, to the fascinating truth of the prehistoric past and the present” – Bettany Hughes

For further details and to purchase tickets, please visit:

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