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19 September: Ludlow and Marches Humanists meeting on Religious Education

Making Sense of Religious Education: A Humanist Perspective. An exploration by Dr Mike Radford. Mike took his first degree in philosophy at the University of Sheffield and his Ph.D. in Education and Psychology with Leeds. His career in education included teaching in primary schools and universities, and publishing numerous articles in academic journals. Tuesday 19 …


Darwin and Natural Selection: a reminiscence

A new member, Donald Howells, has sent this article for the newsletter. He is not able to get to meetings but would be happy to welcome a small group to his home for discussions. The Chairman has his details if you would like to do that.My family background was C. OF E., cultured without being …


In the News

Council Prayers Decision The council prayers controversy rumbles on with Eric Pickles claiming he will change the law and some councils saying they will act illegally. Archbishop Carey completely lost all sense of proportion in his reaction. Our chairman has had two letters published in the local press putting our point of view in much …


Spring Newsletter 2012

Welcome to our late spring 2012 edition of the Newsletter, and the Group blog.We are including an article by Donald Howells, who now lives in retirement in Richards Castle, having been chair of the Portsmouth Humanist Group and great contributor to their regular newsletter, which I believe was called ‘Hemlock’, which does suggest a distinctive …


Dignity in dying

My Mother died just before Christmas. She was 93, so it wasn’t exactly unexpected. The tragedy of it was rather that she had been very ill with cancer for the last 6 months, and had been suffering whilst at the same time, very aware of what was happening. Visits to the care home were depressing, as she …


Previous meetings roundup

We have had two successful and very interesting meetings since the last newsletter. On 20th March we had a talk by Ann  Leedham who works for Dignity in Dying –the new name for the Voluntary Euthanasia Society.  She was largely preaching to the converted, but it was a useful talk in that she defined Assisted Dying, …